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Purity of quartz glass

Purity is an important index of quartz glass, which has great influence on physical and chemical properties and service properties, such as devitrification, high temperature strength, softening point, light conduction, thermal stability, chemical stability, radiation resistance, fluorescence characteristics, etc.; in addition, quartz glass used in semiconductor industry has more stringent requirements on purity, and trace impurities will give the electrical properties and service life of semiconductor materials And integration. As the purity of semiconductor materials is required to be controlled below the ppb level, quartz glass should be controlled at the ppm level to meet the needs of semiconductor industry. The segregation coefficient of B is close to 1, which is the most difficult to remove, and it is one of the most harmful impurities. Cu, Fe, Ti and so on affect the minority carrier lifetime of semiconductors. K, Na, Li are harmful impurities that produce micro defects in single crystal materials. The company has been serving the semiconductor industry for more than 40 years, and has always been engaged in the research and development of removing the above harmful impurities.


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