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Development history of quartz glass

Development history of quartz glass
Quartz glass It has a history of more than 160 years in foreign countries. In 1839, the French first melted quartz with oxyhydrogen combustion flame to make quartz glass. In 1902, the British used the graphite rod to obtain high temperature (called single rod electric furnace) to make quartz glass. In the 1940s, the electric fusion furnace was invented. In 50 years, with the development of semiconductor technology and new electric light source (a large amount of quartz glass is urgently needed), the quartz glass Li just developed rapidly. Because the production technology of quartz glass is very difficult, until now, only a few countries, such as the United States, Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and China, can produce quartz glass in large quantities.
   China's quartz glass research started in 1957, which was blank before the founding of the people's Republic of China. In 1956, the state formulated a 12-year plan for scientific and technological development, which required the development of 57 key research tasks urgently needed by national defense, the solution of new high-performance materials for two bombs and one satellite, and the material preparation for the research of atomic bombs, missiles and man-made satellites. Quartz glass is the content designated to be studied in the 26th and 40th task books, and the task is assigned to the National Institute of building materials comprehensive research at that time. The development of China's quartz glass can be roughly divided into five stages: 1957-1961 as the initial stage, focusing on the research of process and manufacturing methods; 1962-1966 as the stage of forming industry, during which many military tasks were completed, the output and quality of civil products also improved greatly, and the industry has been initially formed; 1978-1988 as the period of reform and innovation, high-tech quartz glass, such as: large-scale High purity high temperature resistant quartz glass tube for integrated circuit, high purity coating crucible, arc crucible, optical communication credit quartz glass, laser quartz glass, etc. were researched and produced in large quantities in this period; in 1989-2000, in order to introduce foreign advanced technology, technological innovation, increase variety and output, etc., the most prominent period was that Donghai County developed into quartz glass for electric light source The production base, with an annual output of 6000 tons of quartz glass (including more than 2000 tons of * products), has greatly improved the quality, reduced the cost several times, and significantly improved the technical equipment. In the past 40 years, the development of quartz glass is relatively fast. Take the production of transparent quartz glass tube as an example: in 1975, the output was 172 tons, 31 factories needed to use more than 60 resistance furnaces for production, and the quality of the tubes was very poor (equivalent to the current waste tube). Now, two continuous furnaces can produce nearly 200 tons annually. By 2000, the annual output of transparent quartz glass tube reached 7000 tons (including 3500 tons of * products) 25 years.



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